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I have had a lot of tough cases to deal with over the years. A lot of cases where it leaves you just scratching your head. There are a lot of clients that, although you may feel bad for their predicament, you can understand how, and why, they are in the situations they are in. It becomes apparent, at some point, that their own behaviors and actions brought the consequences upon them. But every once in a while,there is a case that makes you feel like the word "justice" should be a four-letter word.

And there are situations where you think you are going to court for "justice" and then it is like the old Peanuts cartoon where Lucy places the ball in front of Charlie Brown and then she yanks it out of the way just as he is about to kick it. You feel like someone off to the side is yelling, "SUCKER!" Such is the case for Miriam Blank of Texas.

Miriam Blank was a stay-at-home mother to her five daughters with her ex-husband Jack Nuszen. Following a year of contentious litigation, they got divorced in 2009 and Miriam was the parent of primary residence.

Jack Nuszen is a wealthy emergency room doctor who rotates at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Urgent Care Centers in the Houston and Pearland areas of Texas. He and his new wife, Shannon Orand Nuszen, at some point decided that they wanted a new life for themselves. They were splitting time between the Houston area and Israel. But they decided that they needed to eliminate Miriam from the picture.

Within months of his divorce from Miriam, Dr. Nuszen began a campaign against Miriam, alleging parental alienation (which would turn out to be quite ironic) because the three oldest children refused to visit with him. On April 20, 2010, Dr. Nuszen filed a motion for a change in custody.

In January of 2011, Dr. Nuszen was arrested after video shows him stealing a package from the front porch of Miriam’s home. But the charges are somehow mysteriously dismissed after he returned the stolen item to the police.

On June 13, 2011, the four eldest children were hospitalized after Dr. Nuszen lost his temper and tried to drown the eldest daughter, GN, in the bathtub, choking her and leaving fingerprints on her neck, and punching her in the face. He also sat on HN, with the intent to inflict terror and harm, and threw KN across the room and down the stairs, covering her in bruises. DN had been slapped by his then-girlfriend Shannon Orand (Nuszen). An emergency hearing was held and the Dr. Nuszen’s visitation was then temporarily halted.

Soon thereafter, on July 19, 2011, the Court ordered a forensic evaluation by Dr. Karen Gollaher.

On May 3, 2012, Dr. Nuszen’s attorney, Ricardo Lazaro Ramos, succeeded in getting an ex-parte order signed, granting conservatorship of the five children to Child Protective Services (CPS), regardless that CPS records show “no abuse by mother but abuse by father and stepmother are unable to be ruled out.”

Dr. Nuszen had unlimited funds to pay his attorney to keep filing motions with the court. Unfortunately, Miriam had no money to compete with that, no money to pay her attorney who was representing her at the time. So to level the playing field, in July of 2012, an order was signed by Judge York that until $50,000 for interim attorney fees were paid to Miriam's attorney by Dr. Nuszen, there would not be a jury trial. Dr. Nuzsen appealed that order and the Appellate Court upheld the order.

On May 12, 2013, Dr. Gollaher submitted a report, paid for by Dr. Nuszen, stating that Dr. Nuszen had a temper; that Miriam had borderline personality disorder (something that was never diagnosed by anyone previously or since); and that the three eldest children should be locked up in solitary confinement in a residential treatment center for oppositional defiant disorder as a result of parental alienation syndrome.  The Court permitted the report regardless that Dr. Gollaher had not seen the children for over two years, was unable to identify the factual bases for her conclusions, explain her methodology, and demonstrate that both the factual bases and the methodology were reliable. The Court failed to consider that an expert report should be excluded if it is “based merely on unfounded speculation and unquantified possibilities.” On the other hand, the world-renowned expert, Dr. Harvey Rosenstock, was not permitted to testify his findings with the court, although he had evaluated the children and believed that the children should continue to live with their mother, Miriam.

In September of 2013, Dr. Nuszen’s attorney convince Judge York to move forward with a two and a half week trial, regardless that Dr. Nuszen failed to comply with the judge’s order to pay Miriam’s attorney $50,000. And although the attorney was not permitted to withdraw, her attorney put little to no work into the case, did no research, collected no data, and secured not one witness.

On November 20, 2013, an order was signed granting visitation back to Dr. Nuszen, yet he did not attempt to have the visitation with the three eldest children.

In the summer of 2014 Child Protective Services took the two youngest children and gave them to Dr. Nuszen.

In November of 2014, Judge York signed an order handing custody over to Dr. Nuszen.

Then on December 16, 2014, 15 ½ year old HN was abducted, against her will, from her school by Norma Willcockson and Melvin Willcockson. The Willcocksons were hired by Dr. Nuszen to abduct and transport HN over state lines to a residential treatment facility in Utah where she was locked up for almost two years with no contact with the outside world. H.N. was an excellent student without any emotional or criminal issues.

Soon after, Judge Charley Prine was appointed to the bench. Dr. Nuszen’s, Ricardo Lazaro Ramos, was even the Manager and Treasurer for the committee to elect Judge Prine in the 246th Court in Harris County. And Ramos' wife, Chelsea Ramos, became the associate judge in the same courtroom. Conflict of interest?

Then, on April 22, 2015, a hearing was held whereby Miriam was absent because she was never served with the action by Dr. Nuszen; Dr. Nuszen provided ex parte testimony, ex parte false testimony; and the Court did not apply the Texas Family Code in making a determination of any child support obligation. Dr. Nuszen never served Miriam with his petition for modification of child support. He provided testimony to the Court that was completely fraudulent, alleging that she was earning a substantial amount of money and financially well off when, in fact, he was fully knowledgeable that Miriam was unemployed, seeking support from social services for disability payments, and destitute. Dr. Nuszen willfully and purposefully provided false testimony for no other reason than to gain an unjust result and bury Miriam legally and financially. The testimony was accepted by the Court and used specifically to determine a child support obligation without any actual documentation, and without applying the required analysis as determined by the Texas Family Code and applicable case laws. As a result of this action, Miriam’s child support obligation increased from $439 per month to an outlandish amount of $4,500 per month.

When Miriam returned to Court sometime later to vacate that order, Judge Pride refused to undue the absolutely ridiculous child support obligation he heaped upon her. Believe it or not, Miriam owes the second highest amount of child support in the State of Texas ($177,294.16) according to the Attorney General website of evaders.

Miriam has not seen or spoken to her three youngest children for well over four years while Dr. Nuszen and his new wife Shannon Orand Nuszen have kept the three youngest children hidden in the West Bank. And even though the Court ordered that the children be interviewed way back in October of 2015, the children have never been interviewed. Dr. Nuszen has steadfastly ignored the Order and the Court has done nothing to enforce it. 

Miriam has attempted to return to Court to rectify the manifest injustice. She filed a federal lawsuit against her ex-husband, his attorney, and the judges for a violation of her parental rights as dictated by the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution and the United States Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the slick Dr. Nuszen has been so slippery that he has successfully avoided service. Dr. Nuszen’s second attorney, Golda R. Jacob, who succeeded Mr. Ramos and helped orchestrate the path of destruction, false allegations, and ex parte victories, has been saddled with her own personal legal matters as her son, Leon Jacob, was recently convicted of two counts of solicitation to commit murder by hiring a hitman to kill his ex and his girlfriend's ex. He is now serving life in prison.

The federal suit addressed the fact that Miriam’s right to due process was violated. So what did that Court rule? That she could no longer bring her issues to Court. In essence, the Court is committing the very same act that she alleged was done to her by the local Texas Court…violating her right to due process. Absurd.

Miriam had no chance. Her ex’s attorney, as well as the attorney’s wife, had a relationship with the judge…a clear conflict of interest. Miriam’s attorney wanted to withdraw because he wasn’t getting paid…by Miriam. However, the Court ordered Dr. Nuszen to pay her attorney $50,000, not Miriam. So even though her attorney did nothing and stood on the banks of the river and watched her drown, he is still pursuing the $50,000 from Dr. Nuszen, trying to collect on a payment he never earned.

Miriam had long ago contacted the State Department to assist in finding her children in the West Bank. The State Department finally, after nearly two years, responded to the request by saying, “While its horrible what people do to get at their ex, there is nothing we can do about it.”

Oh…and to top it all off…the Court issued a “gag order” stating that Miriam could not disclose any information about the case. Well…there may be a gag order for her…but there is no gag order for me. And I can talk about it all I want. NYAH!!!

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