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Welcome to Karmin Paralegal and Mediation Services

Legal Document Preparation, Litigation Support, Mediation Services, and Divorce Coaching for Law Firms and Pro Se Litigants

Activist, Advocate, and Legal Professional

Karmin Paralegal Services provides mediation services in family and civil matters; freelance paralegal services to small-medium sized law firms; and document preparation services to pro se (do-it-yourself) litigants as well as coaching for those going through the divorce process.

Divorces, pre-marital agreements, post-judgment pleadings, custody, child support, alimony, emancipation, parental alienation, wills and estates, foreclosure defenses, and civil lawsuits are just some of the matters we deal with.

We have extensive experience in many areas of litigation on the trial court level, the Appellate Division; and Federal District Court matters.


Mediators help people get "unstuck." We are trained by NJICLE - the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education - for mediation for both family and civil matters. We welcome and receive referrals from attorneys, the local courts, and, of course, past clients.


The legal process can be intimidating. Doing it yourself can be cost-effective, but it needs to be done procedurally correct. We provide document preparation and research assistance to make the process a bit smoother for those navigating the system on their own. And although we provide services to pro se litigants, there is always an attorney to provide support when needed.



We provide efficient, detail-oriented product with quick turnaround at cost-effective prices to solo practitioners and small to medium-sized law firms. When you contract with us, you can be assured that every hour billed by us is directly billable to your client at a profit. The advantage to using an independent paralegal service is that there is no need to factor in employee overhead costs that cut into the bottom line and frees up an attorney to take on additional clients and exponentially increase their billable hours.


We provide guidance and support for those going through the divorce process. The process can be tough and a divorce "pro" is available to take you through the process.

Please contact us to discuss our work and fees in detail. Call 732.261.1387 or email info@karminparalegal.com.

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Alan Karmin joined MaryLynn Schiavi (second from right) on Pro Se Nation along with attorney Mary Ann Bauer (second from left) and mediator Anju Jessani (far right).

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Our Areas of Practice

Karmin Paralegal and Mediation Services provides professional mediation services for family law and civil cases as well as document preparation for law firms and pro se litigants. We have extensive experience in all areas of law and the litigation process.

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Activist, Advocate, and Legal Professional

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September 10, 2017

It’s Time To Stop Parental Alienation

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March 23, 2017

Foul! Third Party Interference

What We Offer

• Litigation Support

• Document Preparation

• Mediation

• Divorce Coaching

Kamin Paralegal and Mediation Services

P.O. Box 775
Westfield, NJ 07090

Meet the Talent

Alan Karmin
Litigation Paralegal, Mediator, Divorce Coach


I never thought this would happen to me.  The unpredictable journey of endless legal battles; without warning, without just cause, without reason, and without justice.  

The emotional journey of painful injustice is real.  Truth is not automatically paired with justice. 
The problem is big and the solution needs to be bigger.  Futures are at risk and giving up is not an option.  I am exhausted from doing everything I could. I need help.

I dream.

You are my dream Karmin Paralegal.  I was dreaming of you. 

Forever grateful,

Legal Services Female Profile JB, Connecticut
All went well at court for us. Judge Dalton was so kind and actually thanked us for handling the matter (divorce) the way we did. Thank you for all of your help.

Legal Services Female Profile Megan Bruno
In the murky, sometimes bewildering world of what passes for justice, Alan's clear thinking and insightful, reasoned approach have made him a formidable ally. He has developed not only a strong understanding of the law, but also ---and perhaps more importantly--- what passes for law these days. When judges and prosecutors act upon what they feel a legal outcome should be, rather than upon what actual law would demand, Alan Karmin's ability to reveal their errors and inconsistencies is a godsend. Fiat justicia ruat caelum!

Legal Man Profile Jack Hobson-Dupont
Alan helped me with the research and document preparation for an appeal of a civil matter. He skillfully presented the case better than any person I have worked with in the legal profession. Alan's easy going, understanding and informative personality, with his outstanding work ethics made the whole thing a walk in the park for me. And I won my case!

Legal Man Profile Matt Altinterim
I am aware of Alan’s work with non-profit organizations as well as his understanding of the law. In the past year, Alan has done work for me as a paralegal and has demonstrated a high level of writing skill, primarily in his ability to condense a litigant’s personal story into a compelling form that is both comprehensive and comprehensible.

Legal Man Profile David N. Heleniak J.D.
O'Donnell McCord P.C.
Alan has an amazing range of talents and expertise, from legal services to fundraising to writing. He's easy to work with and goes out of his way to achieve excellence in every aspect of his work. I highly recommend his services as a consummate professional who's creatively talented, knowledgeable and resourceful.

Legal Services Female Profile Linda G. Rastelli
P.R. Professional
I have referred many people to the legal services of Alan Karmin. In all my own experience with him, Alan has been reliable, professional, compassionate, and fair. His knowledge of family law and all ancillary issues is exceptional. Having Alan on my side gave me confidence and provided me with the tools and written support to help me in my family court case. I have no doubt that without Alan's help, I would not have had the level of success I achieved. Alan is an excellent resource for anyone facing family court issues.

  Legal Services Female Profile Stacy Olsen
Program Director
OMG...the documents are AWESOME!!!

Legal Man Profile K.C., Connecticut
Documents were accepted. I'm very pleased. Just wanted to say thank you very much. You did an awesome job!

Legal Services Female Profile P.S., Connecticut
I had been in and out of court for over seven years fighting a battle I didn’t know I couldn’t win. That is, before I met Alan Karmin. I not only call Alan a friend now, but thanks to his advocacy, he has changed my life! I am forever grateful for his professional help and hard work. I have my children!

  Legal Services Female Profile T.C., Maryland

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P.O. Box 775
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